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 If your bears do not let you re-name them

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overstuffed bear

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PostSubject: If your bears do not let you re-name them   Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:31 pm

so sorry some birth certificates are not letting people pick the name of their bears
While you are in bearville you can click on the question mark in the game
Top left corner of screen
it does not matter who you pick to send message to like beta feedback or whatever

type in that you received the bear as a gift and it will not let you re-name it
they type I would like my bears name changed to ( whatever you name it)
then be sure to say thank and your name
Like I would say thanks, priscillaballerina31

then the vwhelp people will send a email to the email you used when you registered in bearville

Or you can just send a regular email to
and tell them the problem and what you want to re-name you bear

Please remember that vwhelp gets hundreds of requests a day sometimes so it might take a week
If you not hear back from them in a week resend them the request again cause sometimes they not respond

Hope that helps
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If your bears do not let you re-name them
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