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 Do not be blaming admins for doing their job

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overstuffed bear

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PostSubject: Do not be blaming admins for doing their job   Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:26 am

I am highly disappointed in every forum member who blames and admin for doing their job to keep this forum safe and keeping the chat box free from arguments!

Any of the larger forums do not give people chance and warning after warning

The staff deserve to have a personal life too and can not keep devoting 24 hours a day time to keep the problems under control

I think the rules need to become more strict based on the offences people have done.

Do not spam in pms or anywhere on the forum
Do not say mean things or comments about other members
Do not cry in the chat box and tell people your personal problems we do not need the drama!!
Do not keep talking about other peoples forums, blogs , sites in the chatbox
even if you do not say the name of site!!

People keep trying to get away with breaking the rules because they cry or call people mean for enforcing the rules and I am not going to tolerate it any

Everyone here needs to show ajbubbles the respect she deserves having donated so much of her time away from her family and for being the only admin to log on every single day and do the work all by herself!!

do not blame the staff for enforcing the rules!!!

If you do the crime of breaking rules you do the time!!
Meaning if you get banned from chatbox because you break any of the rules then you deserve to be banned so you can learn your lesson and be better behaved in the future!!

If you are banned from chat box do not go crying in pms and spamming a lot of people and spamming on the forum about it. That will get you banned from the forum!!!!

Goodbye threads and or threats to the forum to take members with you when you leave are not allowed and will not be tollerated!!

For all of those nice good members please keep up the good work
Be kind to each other and treat others like you would want to be treated!
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Do not be blaming admins for doing their job
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