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 Official Babv Lovers Staff

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pawsome poster

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PostSubject: Official Babv Lovers Staff   Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:03 pm

Our official staff:

These members made the site and control it. They can edit and delete posts and topics, create sections and also can ban people if needed. They make sure everyone is following the rules and run the site.



Our Administrators
These people help the founders/owners run the site. They make sure everyone is following the rules. They can edit and delete sections and topics and posts.


Our Moderators
These members help run the site. They can edit and delete posts and topics.



Our Jr. Assistants
These people help the moderators. They can edit and delete posts in select sections.



Our Graphic Artists
These people make shops for people to order things and help the site by creating creative art.


Our Chatbox Modernators

These people moderate the chat box. They can kick, ban, and clear messages. They must give 3 warnings before banning or kicking someone.


Our News Reporters

They seek out the latest news and post it in our News Section
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Official Babv Lovers Staff
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