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 Warning Levels System

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PostSubject: Warning Levels System   Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:33 am

*Warning levels is a way for staff and for you to know how your behaving on this forum.

here is a warning levels guide:

Green bar-your doing fantastic!! you haven't broke any rules. (That's the highest level of bars if you have that one, you should be proud of yourself.)
*Note -every member will start will the green bar.

Yellow bar- you have made a small mistake maybe it's time your remind your self all the rules.

Orange bar- you have broken the rules more than once now. You must have not understood the rules read them ALL carefully.

Red bar- Your one step away from getting banned. It's time you read the rules again and think about your action, think of what you have done wrong and try improving your behaviour.

Banned bar- You have obviously not improved so you have been banned from the forum which means you can't access the forum till your time is up.

Note: all members can see your warning bar but only administrators can edit it, even if you're on the lowest bar don't give up. Try improve your self and your warning bar will be green again.
Your warning bar will go down depending on what you have done.
If it's something serious you will get a warning but after that it will go down.
If it's something not so serious you will get 3 warnings.
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Warning Levels System
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