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 Our Chatbox Rules!

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PostSubject: Our Chatbox Rules!   Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:37 pm

Chatbox Rules
Must be followed by all members at all times.

1. Be polite!
2. Do not pretend that you are a staff member and can ban someone.
3. Inappropriate language and swear words will not be tolerated!
4. Do Not post personal information!
5. Do Not post Links.
6. No preforming moderating actions for fun.
7. Respect All Staff Members!
8. Do Not post any pictures of yourself or of your family memeber.
9. No writing in Blue and red as those colors are reserved for staff.
9. No spamming the chatbox.
11. No trade talk inside the chatbox.
12. Do not write ever single word in capital letters!
13. NO violence eg. *Punches* etc.
14. Do not talk about any other forum, blog, or any other site even if its your personal site.
15. If someone is breaking any of the following rules contact a member of staff.
16.No drama...No crying about personal problems in chatbox.
17. Please write in bold so all of our members won't have trouble seeing the font.
18.Do not threaten to quit the forum for any reason in the chat box, by posting in a pm to several members, or by posting a thread anywhere on the forum.
This action causes too much drama and will be enforced by having your job status taken away if you are a staff member.
19. No Begging for stuff on chat not even on pms!
20.No talking about school grade and or class.
21. Have fun!

Hey Guys, I just decided to repost this, since I've heard some of our members have been breaking some of our Chat rules. This is just to Remind them Please Guys Follow the Chatbox Rules! Thank You.! Smile


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Our Chatbox Rules!
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