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     Red Roses Resort And Spa, By IdalisWhite

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    building bunny
    building bunny

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    PostSubject: Red Roses Resort And Spa, By IdalisWhite   Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:43 pm

    Very Happy

    •Frequently Asked Questions•
    •*~""» How much does it cost?
    » Range Price 25-250«
    •*~""» What room sizes do you have?
    »Small, Medium, Or Big«
    •*~""» What other things do you have besides a hotel and spa and what are
    the requirements?
    »Good question, we do have a bakery, a restaurant, occasionally a store, a water park, chat room, a conference
    room, and more of course! You must. have purchased a room that day
    or have a month of a membership!

    •Room Pictures, Video Tour•
    •*~""» Video Tour.
    Go to
    Search IdalisWhites Hotel Tour
    •*~""» Pictures
    I Cant Manage To Get It On Here Sorry

    »Rooms Updated For Valentines Day!«

    If you haven't already made a purchase at your local hotel on bearville
    •*~""» Red Roses«""~*•
    You should know if you get a membership all rooms are free for the first month and you get access to all rooms for only $25 dollars. Membership lasts for 2 month when you renew everything will go back to free.
    The membership should be a Radom picture or shirt!

    You've missed out on
    ..:::""""Deck The Halls Hotel..:::""""
    The One and Only Christmas Getaway
    With light shows, performances, hot chocolate, fine dinging and more! But don't worry we're opening up the new transformed hotel on February first
    •*~""»Red Roses«""~*•
    It will be opened until the end of February, then we start our spring hotel:
    -* Flowers *-

    February's Fine Dining Menu
    Hot chocolate
    Small sandwiches
    For only 25BB's each!
    Shrimp Cocktail
    French Onion Soup - Bread Bowel
    Salad with French Dressing
    Mac & Cheese with Lobster
    Mac & Cheese
    Eggplant with Spaghetti and Home made Tomato Sauce
    Bubbly Water
    Special Requests are Taken!

    Spa & Salon hours:
    2-3 hours of your stay.
    50BBs per person.

    Water Park open 24/7
    Tickets: 250 per group (4 people including bears)
    2 people including bear 100 Bbs

    Concerts, Parties, Special Events we would have.
    Every Friday, Free.

    Free After you Purchase a Room.

    Book Your Stay Now!
    BI Name:
    BV Name:
    Days To Stay:
    ( only in February )
    Payment: Membership BB

    You must check out before 10 am unless you book a late check out for 500 Bbs

    Workers Needed!
    Greeter-1person needed
    People to get costumers- 7 people needed
    Cleaner & Info Desk-1person needed

    Booked Solid For February First and Second:
    Only one more person allowed to make a reservation for those days four (4) people allowed for these days (nights) only!

    Me IdalisWhite &


    Owner: IdalisWhite

    Red Roses Hotel -Relax For The Day, With A Vacation Get Away (BearvilleCopyRight)

    •*~""» •*~""» •*~""» •*~""» •*~""»
    Well see you soon!
    Any comments/questions please message me
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    building bunny
    building bunny

    Posts : 2
    Join date : 2013-01-02

    PostSubject: Re: Red Roses Resort And Spa, By IdalisWhite   Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:13 pm

    Why Has No One Replied! Justin
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    Red Roses Resort And Spa, By IdalisWhite
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