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 Coins system

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PostSubject: Coins system   Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:55 am

We have now made some more update which have now been activated. Points system it's just fun way of getting people to be active and write posts, also members will be awarded with prizes.

how to earn points??

simply Smile

Every day you're online you'll get 2 points.
For every post you make you get 1 point.
For every topic you start you'll get 3 points.
Also if you're kind, helpful and altogether a good member, a member of staff may add you points.

If you get 500 points you will be rewarded then when you reach 1000 you'll be rewarded and then 1500 and so on. We may have a time when we will restart everyones points to 0 (non of your posts will be gone Smile )

Remember we can also take points away for bad behaviour, but I'm sure that won't happen as you're all lovely Smile

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Coins system
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