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 My short story!

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pawsome poster
pawsome poster

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PostSubject: My short story!   Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:01 am

This is for one of the contests it takes place in BABV

hehe it includes me, jordan, as my character in BABV and ruby, my dalmation. Ready? Lights, camera, ACTION thumbsup

"Wake up! Wake up!" Ruby chirped jumping with excitement on my bed. I moaned, burying myself deeper into the sheets and rolling away from her. "Come on!" She persisted, grabbing the covers with her teeth and tossing them off of me. "Okay I'm up." I chuckled, sitting up. I blinked the tiredness from my eyes as Ruby sifted through my drawers picking my outfit for the day. I sighed pulling on my outfit. Ruby was my high-strung Be Mine Valentine Dalmatian. Today was the day I had promised her to take her to the Gym to learn a new trick, which was one of her favorite things. I tied on my Rainbow peace scarf and put a matching one on Ruby, then put the hearts-covered Dalmatian into my backpack. Swinging the pack on my shoulders I headed out the door and we left my Cub Condo. "I can't wait." Ruby commented eagerly as I walked past the Neighborhood to the University. Once there, I went past the Classroom and into the large Gym. "Ready Ruby?" I smiled, letting her out of my backpack. She barked excitedly and wagged her tail. I decided to teach her how to spin a ball on her head. I set a bright orange basketball on my head, and carefully spun it, balancing it as well as I could. "Now you try, Ruby." I handed her the ball and she copied my movements. Unfortunately, the ball dropped to the gym floor with a bounce. "I can't do it." she whimpered, her spotter ears drooping down in disappointment. "Try again! You can do it." I encouraged her. She tried again, only for the ball to return to the ground. "See? I'll never do it!" She wined. "You CAN do it Ruby! Practice makes perfect! Try again!" I pep-talked her. She tried a third time, but this time, the ball kept spinning on her head. She looked like she had been doing it for years! "See? Your a natural!" I admired, as she stopped. "Great work, girl. How about we head to the coffee shop for a treat?" Her ears perked up and she licked my face once, "Thank you! This was so much fun!" So we headed over to the coffee shop to get some delicious fresh-baked goodies.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! king
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My short story!
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